False Teacher Exposed: Arnold Murray

Very helpful blog if you are stuck in Arnold Murray’s teachings.

News that matters

Arnold Murray is the “pastor” of Shepherd’s Chapel out of Gravette, Arkansas

As a Christian and believer in Jesus Christ, exposing false teachings are a necessity, so that others may come to know the true God of the Bible, not one who is distorted with false lies. False teacher, Arnold Murray is has lied numerous times, and twisted the Word of God to suit his deception. Let’s take a look at what Arnold Murray teaches.

1. Arnold believes in the serpent seed lie, where allegedly Cain was born of Eve and Satan.

My Comment: To read more on this lying teaching exposed, one can CLICK HERE. It is an article I wrote exposing this lie for what it is, an attempt to deceive. GOD proves this wrong in several verses with one of them being this:

Genesis 4: Adam made love to his wife Eve, and she became pregnant…

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1 thought on “False Teacher Exposed: Arnold Murray

  1. My Dad tried to use the bible to justify his false beliefs! The reason I say try is because I went no-contact after he tried to push Arnold Murray teachings onto me. Please stay away!


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