Into My Autistic Mind 2

Into the autistic mind by “The Autistic Blogger” very good blog! I also have an autistic son who has an active mind. Looking forward to reading this blog in the future. Thanks for sharing your blog!

The Autistic Blogger

Last week I posted ‘Into My Autistic Mind’, which allowed readers a glimpse into my thoughts. Because of a generous comment made about it by somebody who’s as passionate about raising awareness of Autism as me, I decided to do another one.

This time I’m in a different environment, at a different time of day, with different thoughts on my mind.

Again the following lines may seem like random gibberish to you. But they are the actual, unfiltered, thoughts I had whilst writing this blog post.

I only have a short time to do this. It’s 9:46, my shift starts in … wait how many minutes is that before 10:30? Well it doesn’t matter it’s changed to 09:47 now. People are going in and out of the door to my right. I sit on this sofa so often before I start work at ASDA that practically everyone knows who I…

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