My name is Stephanie. I started this blog in hopes to help others get through difficult times. I feel I have been through many! In our lives we may feel like we have been to hell and back, or in a pit of never ending darkness, or maybe we do see ourselves and want to save ourselves from destruction? Who knows right? Well…we can find out! Maybe we don’t know ourselves, maybe we are what others say we are? Maybe we don’t trust ourselves because we are constantly condemning ourselves? Maybe we are just lost? or lost due to having a narcissist parent. What is wrong with being lost if we are? Maybe we listen to the devil more than God? Maybe we listen to that parent, sister, brother, Aunt, Uncle, Grandparents too much and believe what they say we are? Anything can happen can’t it? I can tell you some stories if you’d like, LOL! They can be crazy, this I will admit! It’s hard these days isn’t it? or is it just me? My heart goes out to each and every one of you no matter what hardship you are going through. Hurt, pain, dealing with a narcissist, being lonely, having a disability like my son and fiancé, or maybe just exhaustion. By sharing my stories I hope to help others learn to think differently about themselves, keep your faith & hope you always had, and find what you truly need, without the insults or looks or criticizing from others! Sometimes we just need someone to talk to right? Sometimes we need to trust God, Sometimes we really need a good trustworthy friend. Some people just don’t believe us when we open up and tell them things! Some think we are the crazy. Some don’t talk to us and close themselves off because they don’t know what to do. Others might push us away possibly because they have fears? God’s timing is always perfect when help comes! It may not feel like God is helping, but believe me….HE IS!! We may not like God and his ways but if we can understand his ways are different, we begin to understand everything! Another thing, We are not always what others say we are! We are what God says we are! Stop believing them, Stop listening to their condemning words, don’t accept the words and let them sink to deep. I’ve had enough of that! Sure, acknowledge their words, use it for the good, but do not accept what is not true. What does God think of you? When I first asked myself that about 20 years ago, I thought he didn’t like me either! Kinda like my father treated me, but I found out that is not true!! God loves us all!! I went to counseling and I learned that I viewed God with the same feelings I did my father. I thought God was just like he was. I can say this….we need our Lord Jesus Christ, we need to know him! It is not an option any longer, trust me when I say this. God Bless & promise me you will believe in yourself and what God says of you, not any man! We can press through this & shine on!


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  1. Funny how our lives have changed so much since childhood! I mean, we knew they would, but I dont think we expected them to go how they did! You are truly an inspiration to me! Your faith and courage is awesome! Youre an even better person and friend than I ever even realized! Love and prayers to you always! XO

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    1. Thank you very much Tammy! Right! It’s an interesting road isn’t it? You have been a blessing to me maybe more than you know? I will always remember the wonderful things you’ve done for me. Your words and encouragement always come at the perfect time! Your faith and courage I feel just the same. I love to have those memories! Love & prayers to you also Tammy xxoo Thank you!


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