Our family has disabilities.

Son 17 Autism, ADHD, sleep disorder, food allergies, picky eater (Due to allergies).

Dad 46, has Fibromyalgia, Hereditary Spastic Paraparesis, (possibly MS)

Myself, 42 has GAD (Generalized Anxiety Disorder), Insomnia, Vertigo, & back pain/knee troubles.

Our son has autism. He is 17 now. It has been a long road and we still face difficulties. He never slept but more than 3 hours at a time after birth, up until about 10 years old! He was in the pediatrician’s office at one time, three times a week. Stomach problems, fevers, thrush, rashes, nightmares, ear infections, and so much more! Oh has this been so hard! He never slept! They wouldn’t us any medicines or any for that matter except clonidie until the age of 10 years old. They would just say “Is this your first child” “Boys are like this” etc! At about 10 years old the neurologist started giving our son medicines to help with sleep. When he was 10 years he finally SLEPT through the night, OMG!! At the age of 12 they gave him Geodon, WOW! best medicine ever and helps with his outbursts, hitting, kicking, throwing himself down & more! He finally could start learning in school. Today he sleeps about 8 hours a night, EXCEPT for pulling an all-nighter on Sunday night waiting for school to begin on Monday. Sometimes he stays up all night on Friday night, or just about all night. He has autism, adhd, sleep disorder, very picky eating & more. He finally started eating meat at the age of 10 years. He didn’t talk until the age of 6 years old. There is so much more and I will update as soon as I can. Hang in there, some things get better and some get worse, but with God’s help you can do it! You may lose some family and friends, but your child is worth it. I have cried many times when life gets so hard! God carries us one day at a time. I thought I would spread the word about our family hardships and give you some links to click on about vaccines/autism and other disabilities. It’s hard to find good doctors these days. Don’t let the doctors give more than one vaccination at one time to your tiny children. Don’t feel like your no good, or useless to others if you have any kind of disabilities. You can be of great help to others in need. Be Careful. God Bless


Very Proud of you Brandon! Keep up the Great Work!! We Love you!!

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2 thoughts on “Autism/Disabilities

    1. Awe, thanks for sharing Marianne. Yes, It has been such a rough road. I find myself tired more than usual. Keeping up with work and son is a challenge. I pray your friend is doing good and glad she has a friend like you! Thanks for writing. Stephanie


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