I always wondered where hope comes from, how about you? There have been many times my hope I thought I had was crushed! I really didn’t have hope when I thought about it, or I did have hope and didn’t know where it came from! I looked to others to (Get) hope. I always found myself searching down that ever winding road in a search to no avail! Do you find yourself doing this? I sure did, and somewhat still do. I found out that hope does not come from others, as we sure as heck can’t conjure up hope. I found that hope does not come from anywhere else except from what is inside yourself and from what God says about you and gives you! I (after many times to no avail) found that I would never find hope through someone else, or something else, or temporal things. When I finally found out this truth, I turned to the bible when questions I had never seemed to have any answers, or because of the situations I found myself in, I could never find the answers to. I still, and may never will find all my answers, but I sure as heck won’t quit trying! I hope that you might not give up in searching for the answers we desperately need. If you find that your in a jam with no answers, PLEASE check out what the bible says. Here’s a start, and please don’t take this wrong, but I have found that this is the only start to find the hope you may be looking for. Much Love, Stephanie, autistic mom, hard worker, low pay, not much support, always seeking wisdom, lonely, at times depressed, and lots more. Sometimes I feel like a victim (but as they say no one is a victim) hummm, after I get over what I am in I will let you know LOL! No, they truly say this, and I believe it is the first step in moving forward, is to NOT THINK that way. God Bless, Take Care




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